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Load Lifting

Hoist crane


Hoist Hoist


Available in Trolley and Trolley-free versions, the C3 Equipamentos Lifting Hoist is used to move and lift loads up to 600 kg at a maximum height of 140 meters. Our Mini Crane models are designed to be practical in daily handling and lower the operating cost of the work.

Suitable for all types of construction sites, especially those with little external space. It is possible to work with the reduced boom, because it is all modular, using the same rods

This equipment is totally national, developed and manufactured by C3 Equipamentos. It has 3 (three) versions available:

Six (6) meter lance with 600KG tip loading capacity with Fixed tip

Six (6) meter boom with 600 kg tip loading capacity with Trolley

8 (8) meter boom with 350 kg tip load capacity with Trolley


Hoist Hoist is a medium sized equipment and is characterized by the excellent cost benefit and ease of installation for not requiring counterweights.

We have assembly and maintenance teams throughout the country as well as some Latin American countries.

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- Cargo Capacity: 600kg (Proven via ART and Memorial Calculation)
- Spear: 6 meters
- Lifting Speed: 25m / min
- Approximate Weight: 2,000kg (Heaviest Part = 200Kg) / (Larger Part = 2 Meters)
- Swivel Base - Speed ​​of 1.2 Rpm - 360º around Center Axis
- Load Limiter / Frequency Inverter / Braking Resistor
- Boom Reduction: Possibility to lower a boom module (4 meters) using the same risers
- Inclined Boom: Increases boom working height by 1 meter using the same risers
- Lifting Hook: Pulley w / 2 bearings;
Axial bearing and bronze bushing for rotation;
- Cable Guide: Serves to evenly distribute the steel cable on the spool.

- Tower: Height - 8 1.18m modules
- Spear - Divided into 3 Parts of 2 meters each
- Optional Wireless Control - 2 Speed ​​Drives - Emergency Button - 100m Range
- Optional - 2 (two) Hoist Hoists + 1 Polyester Strap
- Optional Anemometer - Its function is to measure the wind speed, beeping when it reaches a speed determined in a standard of 42km / h.

- NR 18 - Products meet the requirements stipulated by the NR 18 standard, which regulates construction.
- CALCULATION MEMORIAL - Technical Report of Structural Calculations, certifying the strength and the load capacity of the product.
- ART - Annotation of Technical Responsibility, has Registration in CREA.
- FINITE ELEMENTS - Virtually Analyzed / Tested Products. Indicating by color the strongest parts and places with the highest load load.

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Simpler and more effective planning

Simpler and more effective planning

Up to 45% more agility in the work

Up to 45% more agility in the work

Best value for money compared to the competition

Best value for money compared to the competition

Hoist crane
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Hoist crane

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